Summer Fun List

I found this list I made when I was thirteen, of all the things I thought would be fun for the summer...

  • Go camping with you friends and make a bonfire
  • make jewellery
  • paint your nails a different colour each day 
  • redecorate your room 
  • cut up all your old magazines and make collages
  • make a new friend every day 
  • make daisy chains for your hair 
  • smile 
  • make mix tapes for each of your moods
  • clean out your wardrobe with a friend 
  • go skinny dipping at night with your amigo's
  • go to a karaoke bar 
  • dye your hair 
  • have a beauty day with your best friends 
  • watch Audrey Hepburn movies
  • go to the gardens and draw 
  • bake yummy food 
  • make mojito's
  • sleep under the stars 

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