Yesterday I went to Office Works to get ready for the new school year, and it always makes me think how much I choose to express myself with the stationary I choose. Like last year I bought notebooks and decorated them with pictures from The Satorialist, my pens had feathers and glitter on them and I had a prized Mimco pencil case. Believing myself more sophistcated after travelling.

This year with my new love for stars and all thing related to astrology and astronomy I have pretty little stars on my black folder and a black and white picture of two hippie's from the seventies arm in arm with the quote "I know a melody, We can sing together." to fulfil my love of the sixties. With my name in gold writing. So with this year and all the expectations that I hold here are the things I hold dear to my heart in hopes of some sort of distraction from the studious year ahead and the freedom that awaits.

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