my favourite things

1. airports: i love the feeling of going places, airports are crazy, everyone is in a frenzy, excited or anticipating going somewhere, it may be back home or way over the other side of the world, watching people about to go on their journeys, imagining where they are going. That beautiful feeling that I get in my stomach when I walk through those insane airports is one of the best feelings in the world 2. hotel rooms: amazing because you can feel so at ease, so comfortable, so at home anywhere in the world, clean, fresh sheets (white) and breakfast in bed especially with special people is too much fun! Also making up stories for who stayed there before I did is so funny. 3. cheap mondays: cheap. sexy. jeans. Oh and Sweedish, why is everything from Sweden so cool? 4. laughing until it hurts: one of my favourite things is laughing, I'm easily distracted and I find laughing honestly, the quickest cure. Spending times with friends or family who make me laugh until I cry is one of my most cherished things to do 5. paris: the most beautiful city I've ever been to, some of my best memories happened in Paris with Lizey. I don't want to keep typing because I know I'll just waffle on about just how amazing it is, and the people, and Saint Germain-En-Laye 6. yin and yang: so simple yet so beautiful and the tranquility it provides 7. kate moss: forever my idol, she shows how simple beauty can challenge the world, all the while being herself and most importantly having fun 8. male models: the reason I exist. 9. sushi: if only all food was this healthy and delicious AND attractive 10. my brothers: the funniest, sweetest, cutest boys in the whole world who always make me smile!


  1. yes yes yes!

    I can totally resonate with that exhilarating feeling at an airport, especially walking into the waiting lounges and seeing the airplanes outside the windows.

    Peace and Love

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