mi casa es su casa

so i've decided when i leave school i want to be an interior architect, for the moment and if i get in. It's basically interior design, architecture and industrial design, so dealing with manipulating spaces, rooms and walls blah blah. I think i watch too much Grand Designs but these are my main inspirations at the moment...

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  1. Yes, my family is addicted to this show too. My Dad's love interest is rooms in ceilings, exactly as you pictured twice I think, while my love is private libraries. I spend a lot of my time designing my future llibrary in my head, but I can never decide what shape room I would like best, or how high the ceiling! You see, I want it to be cosy and intimate, but without being at all cramped. See my dilemma? I don't suppose you have a suggestion?

    My other love on Grand Designs is how wonderful the host, Kevin McCloud's, concluding speech is. You know how right at the end he talks about the project and makes a lovely, whimsical point about the building family and the house? I adore those speeches. They are extremely honest but beautifully poetic, little masterpieces. Do you enjoy those too?