This post is well overdue (in the style of all my posts). This was my first assessment task for Visual Communications (Digital Design) and I had to create an A3 poster using Adobe Illustrator.

It needed to include:

  • a design of your own or a brand relating to your discipline (fashion design- and had to be related to our overall theme of "Reveal and Conceal" or "Hide and Seek") 
  • a title
  • 100 words (I just used an ipsum lorem generator- sneaky gal) 
  • a background image drawn on Illustrator 
  • a foreground image drawn on Illustrator 
  • and a logo representing your visual identity (I admit this part was very rushed) 
I have never been a great drawer, I have always enjoyed it, but never excelled. So, I found this assessment all the more challenging; drawing with an Apple Trackpad, because for some reason, unknown to me, my mother decided to buy a Trackpad instead of the ordinary, perfectly functional mouse! My hand was so stiff after drawing the silly deer!

Here is what I said a few months ago about my plans and inspirations on my school tumblr:
The concept for my “Reveal and Conceal” Illustrator project is to explore the relationships between mother and child and the living and dead. To visually portray the connection between a fawn and a doe. By revealing the skeleton of the doe and concealing the skeleton of the fawn, I hope to blur the understanding of what their connection may be and leave it up to the audience to personally decide what it means to them. 
My helpful dad then pointed out to me that I was in fact, drawing a doe and stag so I had to focus solely on the relationship between living and dead. Of course, now that you look at the poster, my original concept is not so obvious.

read the text, it's so hilarious (I used hipster ipsum)

The deer took the longest but the roses were the hardest part. I just drew one rose and duplicated it, but it hurt my eyes so much.

I was quite pleased with my poster and got a distinction, but my tutor and I both agreed it looked more like a page from a magazine rather than a poster.


Lots of love and happy days,

Holly xx

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