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Hi again,

This is probably the most prompt post I have done to date. Yay for me. On Wednesday I had to present my work for this year to a panel of judges for marking and this is pretty much how it went down.

We have been designing skirts since February (seriously, one night I had to draw 64 different styles of skirts...) as well as pattern making and from the top of my head it needed to be a high fashion day wear skirt, including a sheer fabric, be runway ready (no dainty accessories etc) and inspired by current trends.

If you have been silly enough to read any of my crazy ramblings on my tumblr you've probably worked out by now (as my class has), that I adore pleats! I think mainly because I have grown up in numerous pleated uniforms since the age of 5. I have been thinking about my eventual aesthetic as a designer and know I will go down a more tailored, minimal, classic path, whilst trying to exaggerating these qualities in the most unexpected ways. I'm sorry if none of this is making sense, I haven't had much sleep these past few weeks.

I was inspired by many things; old english school boys and girls, 1940s and 50s Hollywood glamour, Mad Men, Brigitte Bardot, Jerry Hall, Lana Del Rey (of course) and Mugler S/S 13. I wanted it to be overtly sexy but not trashy which was why I decided to contrast the silk organza pleats with the PVC ones. This plastic fabric had the potential to look like a table cloth so I had to tread very lightly. Also the fact that is is a plastic meant that I wasn't able to press it to create the pleats so I had to topstitch them.

I had probably the prettiest person in the world and my good friend, Francesca Hung, model for me and the talented Alexandra Back was my make up artist. The fabrics I used were silk organza, PVC coated plastic and a silk/cotton twill.

And I just received an email telling me that my work along with 18 other students was chosen for the Open Day runway show (!!!!!!!). This will be the first time my designs will be on show, so I'm ecstatic!

Francesca and Zephyr

Windsor Smith heels but I added the top straph

Country Road jeans and t-shirt

Shirt: Oxford

I think that enough from me,
Lots of love,
Holly xx

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